Motor and Drive Power Series -Linear Type

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Power for Motor and Drives – Linear Type

This is the traditional approach to the AC to DC conversion. It is a Transformer with the Standard Bridge Diode rectifier with Filtering Capacitor. The design is normally Huge and Heavy in size as compared to the Switching Mode design.

The advantage is a cost effectively solution, as a single power source for Motor and Drive, such as Step Motor and DC Motor in a multiple axes solution.  Such Application will demand for higher Power source to meet the requirement in term of Speed and Loading


MSLS Series

Model Input Voltage (VAC) Output Voltage (VDC) Output Curent (Amp) Power (VA) Weight (grams) Dimensions – HxDxW (mm)
MSLS400-5008 220 – 240 8.0 81 400 5400 80 x 140 x 220
MSLS500-2520 220 – 240 20 40 500 5400 80 x 140 x 220
MSPLS500-3514 220 – 240 14 55 500 5400 80 x 140 x 220