Innovation in Supplying Power

Economy Series

A compact, competitive Din Rail mounting device, with very basic requirement of a Switching Power Supply. Without any compromise, overload and short circuit protection are standard basic features.

LED Voltage Monitoring Series

This compact Din-Rail Mounted LED Voltage Monitoring Series was developed with Service and Engineering Personnel in mind. It displays and monitors the output voltage , 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Power for Motor and Drives

Incorporated with a Line Filter and  Braking Function,  this Switching Power Supply will cushion the De-generative Energy caused by the Motor Back EMF, as a result of Motor rapid Acceleration and Deceleration motion.

Power For Motor and Drives – Linear

This is the traditional approach to the AC to DC conversion.  A Toriod transformer with the standard rectifier Design and Filtering.  This concept is cost effective for high power, but the size is huge and heavy.

Power for Backup / Battery Charging

This series is part of a Uninterrupted Power  Supply system for Security system such as Alarm and surveillance devices.  It acts as a Battery Charger, when AC Power is active during normal operation.